Apartment Tour

It has taken me over three years to write a post about my living quarters in Korea. If you purchased a betafish the day I left Hungary, it is probably not with us anymore. RIP.

I have recently moved to another city in Korea, so I figured I would throw in pictures of both my old place and my new one. If you want to see what my flat (yes, I still sprinkle in British English from time to time) in Hungary looked like, [click here].

The quality of my photos are lacking, so please forgive me.

My old apartment:


I opted out of including pictures of the kitchen and bathroom because I would never subject anyone to that monstrosity. The only thing you missed is a shot of my Kenan and Kel apron. My money goes to things that matter.

As you can probably tell, I lived (and currently live) in a studio apartment. In Korea, we call it a one room (원룸). It was in a villa (빌라), which basically means that the apartment building had less than six floors.

I was not thrilled with how I had decorated it, but I still considered it home. With that said, my pride and joy is up next.

My new apartment:






I currently live in an officetel (오피스텔), which means that the first few floors of my building are for commercial use. The rest of the floors are residential. I find officetels to be really convenient, as I can just go downstairs to get whatever my heart desires.

I am particularly proud of my new crib (shout-out to MTV circa 2000) because I purchased almost everything you see in the pictures myself. Since I started out with such an empty, large space, I was able to decorate it to my own liking. All I am missing are a few plants and a PS4. All I want for Christmas…

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