“Man knows – he knows that nothing will begin unless he speaks and that nothing will change unless he moves.” – Vash the Stampede


Hi, I am Jennifer. According to my stats, not many people click on this page. To celebrate this great accomplishment, I am going to go type some random stuff that most people will never read.

Onions are the bane of my existence. I prefer console gaming to computer gaming. Failed high dive attempts left me with a ruptured eardrum and chipped front tooth. I am more apt to read about a movie on Wikipedia than to actually watch it. Edgar Allan Poe’s death has plagued me since birth.  I am horribly afraid of fish. There is always gum in my mouth. I once sprained my ankle power-walking in Disney World. Obsessing over boy bands is one of my strong suits. I type around 80 words per minute. Lastly, I enjoy looking in the mirror when crying.

Feel free to contact me at: quitethelittleescapologist [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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    • I have been close to the Villány (when I went to Mohács), but I have yet to actually visit the region. Maybe I will one day!

  1. I have fun reading your blog.I was born in Hungary and escaped to Wien than to the US. when Hungary was still part of the Soviet block.(that makes me unyoung – don’t try to look this word up-.I live in Key West and will be in Hungary in July,Aug.,and plan on moving back there next year.If you need any help with your hungarian let me know. Keep up the good work! Capttamas@aol.com

    • ha – “unyoung!” I have been to Key Largo, but my family and I didn’t make it all the way to Key West. I hear it’s beautiful there though. And thanks a lot! I already have Hungarian teachers, but your offer is well received. Thanks again!

  2. Hey Jen,

    I came upon your blog in consideration in researching a placement with CETP. I was wondering if I could email you a couple questions and get your opinion on the program? Any help would be great. Thank you!!


    • Tiffany – yes, of course! I have been emailing a lot of new CETP-ers for a while now. Be on the look out for an email – one is heading your way in about a minute or so!

  3. Great blog. I moved from Toronto two years ago to Budapest, and its so interesting reading about your views and thoughts about Budapest and Europe as I compare them to mine. Anyways keep up the posts 🙂

    • Anna, I have actually been here a year (well, a year in four days!). I teach at a bilingual primary school. Last year I taught grades 5th and 6th and this year I will teach grades 7th and 8th.

  4. Hi,

    I’m a newbie blogger. Do you have any tips for writing a travel/teaching abroad blog? As in: Can you teach me your ways?

    I want to impress my friend(s) who enjoy judging me.

    Hopeless in Korea

    • Your friend(s) who enjoy judging you sound(s) hot. I don’t know. It’s just a feeling I have.

      Pro tip: Cater you blog to your judgmental friend(s).

  5. My wife and I are looking at the CETP program in Hungary, it appears that is what you went through. Can you email us? Would love some information before committing to it!

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