Travel Videos

“I’ll never let the magic go.” –HAERTS

Hong Kong: April 2018

Song: Fall Underneath
Artist: Snakadaktal
Album: Sleep in the Water

Taiwan – July 2017

Song: Hideaway
Artist: KYKO
Album: Animals – EP

Seoul: 2016-2017

Song: Letting Go
Artist: Saint Raymond
Album: Escapade – EP

Jeonju and Daegu – January 2017

Song: Still Chasing Nothing (Radio Edit)
Artist: Kid Astray
Album: Home Before the Dark

Cheongpyeong – August 2016

Song: Could Be Wrong
Artist: Fickle Friends
Album: Velvet – EP

Budapest: 2012-2015

Song: Pleasure to Meet You
Artist: Night Panther
Album: Night Panther

Japan – February 2016

Song: Nothing but a Heartbeat
Artist: Say Lou Lou
Album: Lucid Dreaming

Vietnam – December 2015

Song: Atlantis
Artist: Postiljonen
Album: Skyer

Busan – August 2015

Song: 101
Artist: Walla
Album: 101 – Single

Vienna – June 2015

Song: Locally Sourced

Turkey & Bosnia and Herzegovina – April 2015

Song: Another Day
Artist: Carousel
Album: Another Day – Single

Romania – March 2015

Song: Let’s Get Out of This Country
Artist: Camera Obscura
Album: Let’s Get Out of This Country

Georgia – December 2014

Song: Closer Than This
Artist: St. Lucia
Album: St. Lucia – EP

Belgium and the Netherlands – November 2014

Song: Supreme
Artist: Postiljonen
Album: Skyer

Lake Balaton – June 2014

Song: Sporting Chance
Artist: Observer Drift
Album: Fjords

Croatia – April 2014

Song: Amor Fati
Artist: Washed Out
Album: Within and Without

Slovakia – February 2014

Song: Dreamers
Artist: Savoir Adore
Album: Our Nature

Stockholm – December 2013

Song: It’s Real
Artist: Real Estate
Album: Days

Barcelona – November 2013

Song: How To Disappear
Artist: Thomas Azier
Album: Hylas 001 – EP

Slovenia – July 2013

Song: Bloom
Artist: The Paper Kites
Album: Woodland – EP

Czech Republic – June 2013

Song: Vagabond
Artist: Beirut
Album: The Rip Tide

Paris – June 2013

Song: Young Dreams
Artist: Young Dreams
Album: Flight 376 – EP

Budapest – June 2013

Song: Fireworks
Artist: Polock
Album: Getting Down From The Trees

Spring Break – March 2013

Song: Mermaids
Artist: Jinja Safari
Album: Locked by Land

Italy – October 2012

Song: Postcards From Italy
Artist: Beirut
Album: Gulag Orkestar

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