A week and a half ago I went to Prague with two fellow Central European Teaching Program teachers/friends – Sam and Eddie. If you have the chance to go to Prague, I fully recommend that you do – it is one of the most beautiful, charming cities I have ever been to.



DSC_2399Charles Bridge. 









DSC_2665I love doorknobs. Serious statement.


DSC_2696So sad. I felt sorry for this poor little baby.


DSC_2727John Lennon wall. Powerful.


The winter holidays are almost over. On the last day of school, my children threw presents and love my way. Luckily they did… I found out that stores close for three days surrounding Christmas the hard way = no food. Needless to say, I cried into a sandwich on December 27th. I survived on dry cereal, chocolate, and tap water for three days. I don’t even like sweets…

Oh, and it’s 2013! 2012 was a fabulous year – I graduated with two types of honors from my university, presented my honors thesis at a conference, moved to Europe, etc. Time to keep livin’, I guess. 

IMG_2219-001Happy New Year!

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Stock up on food. Seriously. Stock up on food. 

4 responses to “Prague

  1. Jen, I have really enjoyed all of your photos and messages – and am so glad you are having this wonderful European adventure – Best wishes for a great New Year.

    • Dr. Hendry, I was literally in the process of drafting you an email! It’s as if you knew…

      Thank you so much! I hope you’re doing well. And the same to you, Happy New Year!

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