Beer. Bike. Budapest.

The more I explore, the more multi-faceted Budapest becomes. My fellow American teachers and I are dispersed throughout city; we all experience a little piece of the puzzle. About a week ago I attended “Sangria Sunday” at my friend Bre’s flat. Unlike the flat Pest in which I reside, Bre lives in hilly Buda – the view was breathtaking! We gawked at the scenery, played paddle ball, sipped on Sangria, inhaled food, and reminisced on our time here.

DSC_3865Note: We were accidentally trespassing at this time.


DSC_3915This dog is seventeen years old.


DSC_3994The act of the disappearing paddle ball.

If you ever visit Budapest and want a guaranteed way to be either extremely loved or hated (there is no neutral position), then ride on a beer bike! What is a beer bike? A bike… with beer… a pub with bike pedals. “Unfortunately” for me, my legs were too short to pedal, so no effort was exerted on my part (I am 5’2” on a good day). I do not like beer, so I just sipped on soda (I do not like this either). We screamed R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and other family favorites. Why were we loved? We were wearing costumes (my idea – no surprise there), we had beer, and we are fun. Why were we hated? If you were in a car behind us, we were not your best friend. Sorry Budapest drivers, “we” tried to pedal faster…


I have been craving a trip outside of Hungary, and in June I will be satisfied. After school ends I am going back to Prague with my coworkers. I really tried to avoid going to a place twice (I do not have a lot of time or money), but I just couldn’t miss a trip with my coworkers. Prague aside, I have more exciting news: MEGYEK A PÁRIZSBA! = I AM GOING TO PARIS! My friend Claire will be studying in Bordeaux, France this summer and will be in Paris during her last week. I have to save every Forint I make – although my ticket has already been purchased and my room will be free, rumor on the street is that Paris is not cheap by any means. Regardless, I cannot wait! Oui! Oui!

There is about a month and a half left of school. Picture day is this Tuesday. Hopefully good fortunate is on my side – my students are obsessed with their class pictures and any error will live in infamy.

And last but not least, here are some pictures from today’s stroll through Budapest:


DSC_4159Danube – View of Pest from Buda. 


DSC_4163Széchenyi Chain Bridge/Széchenyi lánchíd.


DSC_4189A door of Budai Református Gyülekezet. 

DSC_4200Old Land Rover.

DSC_4235City Park/Városliget.



A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Avoid telling flyer-passer-outers that you live/work in Budapest. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. 

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