The Great Flood

Don’t get me wrong, I love water. Venice is the city of my dreams, still water is my drink of choice, canoeing and kayaking are two of my favorite activities, and going to the beach at night used to give me great peace (now I am landlocked). Many places in Central and Eastern Europe have been drowning – and I wish that was an exaggeration. Towns in Germany alone have been completely submerged. Luckily in my part of Budapest, I haven’t seen the repercussions of mass flooding. The areas surrounding the Danube, however, are a sight to be seen. Metro stations have been shut down, large roads have disappeared, and the Parliament building has been taking notes from Jesus Christ.

DSC_4578Streets? Overrated.

DSC_4654Float on, Parliament. Float on.

I have two more days of school before the end of the year. How am I celebrating? By missing the last day of school to visit my friend Claire in Paris (as stated in the last post). TEACHER OF THE YEAR. I have learned a lot this school year about both teaching and myself. I have had my fair share of ups and downs. No many how many lows I have had, I love my students with all of my heart. I couldn’t imagine leaving my sweet babies so soon. I am thankful that I am able to stay for at least another year. School pictures came in last week – oh, what an experience! I thought I had blinked in a picture (and no, I wasn’t dramatic when it happened – Did I scream? Did I flail? The world may never know.), but luckily my Barney Stinson ways prevailed.


IMG_3612What hour breaks now look like.

I have been drawing a lot lately. Also, I have had more urges to make really cool videos. Here is the latest one.

IMG_3433Most recent drawing.

 Last Sunday’s adventures with my fellow teachers Bre and Grace.

Oh! One last thing! I finished my first Hungarian 18-week course. I took an exam (that I forgot to study for) and PASSED. I have a certificate and everything. Now I know maybe 2% of the language – Hungarian, I love you, but… really.

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Learn how to swim.

6 responses to “The Great Flood

  1. Hi Jen,
    I’ve really enjoyed your blog this year, and the fun, whimsical videos! Your report of the flooding reminds me how insular most U.S. news is as I had not heard about them. Keep up the good work, teacher of the Year (Wow!) and enjoying the travel adventures!
    Hugs, Dr. Hendry

    • Dr. Hendry, that means a lot! You know I am modeling a lot of my life plans after your wildly cool, inspirational adventures. And yes – a lot of people have no idea about the floods – blows my mind. Thanks for your kind words! I miss you!

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