Korea: Where Stuff is Taped onto Stuff

Have you ever just cruised along the aisles of your local mart to find a roll of toilet paper taped onto the side of a box of spam? If not and this appeals to you, move to Korea.

While walking around my local grocery store, I found two things that I had been meaning to buy taped together: a reusable water bottle and a box of cereal. To be honest, I do not know why things are sometimes slapped together – why question something so beautiful? Most of the time I can find some connection between the pairings (e.g. body wash + lotion). Other times, however, I find myself trying to Kevin-Bacon-Six-Degrees-of-Separation the two items.



If you live here in Korea, the smell of fresh scotch tape is something to look forward to. You pay for the “regular” item and get the “bonus” one for free! There has never been a time where free toilet paper seemed like a bad idea. Tonight I not only scored a water bottle, I got Tupperware as well. I still have my eyes peeled for a brilliantly random pairing – I hope my dreams come true soon.


A beautiful mess.




Speaking of dreams coming true, I somehow scored a ticket to see GOT7, one of my favorite kpop bands. They just released “Fly” (music video and album) and believe me when I say I cried. I might swim in the saltwater lake that is my bedroom on a daily basis.

Here’s to taped things on things and GOT7. Korea, you’re too good to me.

P.S. I start Korean classes this week. 화이팅!


I spent Friday night decorating my notebook for class. #single


A random picture of me on a recent field trip to close this bad boy off.

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