Poop Café

There’s nothing quite like drinking coffee out of a toilet. If you throw a poop-shaped cushion on top of your head, the experience only gets better. Take pictures and charm the hearts of many.




Located in Insadong, 또옹카페, is a must for anyone appreciative of nature. After taking photo booth pictures in hanboks, Jolan and I saw the poop café and succumbed to its sweet allure. I am not one for puns, but I am sure a fan of them would have a field day.


Although there are several drink options, only two can be served in a toilet mug (both hot). Even though the weather was warm and all I wanted was a cool drink, I couldn’t pass up on drinking out of a toilet mug. I AM NO FOOL. Truth be told, I only used it as a prop for pictures. I took three sips and just couldn’t take the heat. You can also order three types of pasta dishes in huge toilet bowls as well. Eat up.


또옹카페 is covered in beautiful poop art. Everywhere your undeserving eyes gaze upon, they will be treated to something majestic. Urinals covered with flowers? Check. Paintings of poop with faces on them? Check. Squat toilets with trees growing out of them? Check. Giant poop plush with plastic flies on it? Check.





Go. Surround yourself in poop. You have my blessing.


Lastly, I would like to dedicate this post to one of my college professors, Dr. A. There is not a person on this planet who is a bigger fan of this café. ALL FOR YOU, MY QUEEN.

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