“Every one has noticed that a town looks strange not only when one sees it for the first, but also when one walks through it for the last time, before leaving it never to return.” –Karinthy Frigyes, A Journey Round My Skull

bffFor those of you who do not know: I am going with one of my best friends, Jesse. 

Say hello to this obligatory goodbye post.

Tomorrow is the “big” day – the day I leave America. My flight? Savannah to Dallas. Dallas to London. London to Budapest. Although I leave tomorrow at 12:35PM, I will not arrive in Budapest until Tuesday at 11:50PM. I will be on the move for a rather extended period of time.

I still feel as if I am not really going. I find it strange that almost every little thing I do is the “last little thing I do.” For the past two weeks I have had almost no time to sit in silence, collect my thoughts, and think about the changes that are about to come. Silence is something I need, crave, desire. I enjoy being by myself more than most people I know.

I planned on doing so much – reminiscing, taking pictures, etc. But alas, no. I did not. I have not had any closure with any places in particular, but maybe that is what I needed. Maybe it was for the best.

“What if(s)?” plague my mind. Although my contract is for ten months, so much could happen in this time frame. As of today, I plan on staying for at least two years. Money is not something I have a lot of, so I do not foresee myself coming back to America any time soon. I look forward to changes. I look forward to the wind.

My next posts will be the realizations of my dreams. How strange. How surreal. How exciting. The time to live is now.


A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Take pictures of places that are important to you.

4 responses to “Goodbye

  1. You will do awesome things. Neck pillow and NyQuil are definitely things to have for the 13 hour flight!! Been there, done that!! I hope this is an enlightening journey for you!! Good luck and safe travels.

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