Once upon a time, I was in London. Although that “time” was one week ago, I feel that months have passed by and several memories have faded. This is my story:

I left America for the first time ever on Monday. The last thing I did on American soil was vomit in an airport toilet. Attractive.

Moving forward from that embarrassment, Jesse and I landed in London. In London I discovered these things: I am a confident traveler. I am, at times, lackadaisical. Oh, and I am a pushover.

I did not necessarily “enjoy” my time in London. I over-planned. We power-walked. I felt like a tourist at the most extreme level. I wanted to walk non-stop. Jesse wanted to sleep. Things just did not add up.

So, how am I a pushover? How can you get me to do whatever you want? Well. Turn back time. Transform into a child. Live in Great Britain. Acquire said accent. Ask me for money. Later tell your friend that you “like [my] voice.” I will throw pounds your way. Little boy, you are going to be a great boxer. I believe in you.


ImageTrafalgar Square.


ImageBig Ben + Parliament.

ImageWestminster Abbey.

ImageBuckingham Palace.

I wish I would have enjoyed London more. Maybe one day I will give it another chance.

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Avoid children in the park. 

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