Three Weeks

I have been in Hungary for almost three weeks now.

One day I will actually know what this is.

Since my last post I have: been to Immigration twice (hello, nightmare), started my job as an angol tanár (English Teacher), attended a beer festival in a castle, been on Hungarian television, partied at the 1st (A38 HAJO) and 3rd (Szimpla Kert) greatest bars in the world, and almost gotten hit by several cars. In sum, my life has been great.

Immigration: In order to get something desired, sometimes one has to go through tough trials. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating. Dealing with immigration was not a total nightmare, but I would never willingly choose to go through the ordeal again. Few smile in that cold, cement building.

Teaching: I love my job. I have had to lay down the law in some of my classes already, but hopefully the students behave so that Miss Jennifer can be SZUPER COOL (sz = s). The Hungarian national television filmed our first day’s introductions, so now all know I am from Georgia and that I am “excited to be here.” Amerikai vagyok (I am an American).

My classroom! 

Beer Festival: Yes, that’s right. A beer festival at a castle! Words cannot express how cool that experience was.I hate beer, but a beer festival IN a castle? Well, alright.

Danger: I am a risky pedestrian. Drivers are risky as well. I will leave that there.

Language: The Hungarian language is beautiful, I wish I knew it. S = SH, J = Y, CS = CH, SZ = S, and so on. Maybe one day…

magyarMagyar Mezőgazdasági Múzeum.

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Stick to the crosswalks. 

6 responses to “Three Weeks

  1. Nice post! I love reading other people’s stories of living in Hungary 🙂 I also went into town on the night of the “huge” rally. I found out from friends that it was a total of ~180 people (plus all the police) gathering at 6PM at Hosok Tere…. sounds terrifying. Hah… the most amusing thing for me was I met my friends at a park downtown and there were tons of people with their kids because it was “Family Day” at the park.

    • ahaha – I know, right? I was not scared of the rally itself, but at the potential of future prejudice. Happens everywhere though.

  2. I’m so glad to see things are going well. The pictures are great. We get to see Hungary through your lens. :0) We miss you. Sarah says hello and she loves you and misses you. Stay safe!!!

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