Miss Jennifer

After my first week of teaching alone, I can say again that this profession feels right. Please time, do not prove me wrong.

The name card I made for my desk.

Pictionary. Apparently I look like Michael Jackson…  

I will explain the logistics of the classes now. I have two fifth grade classes – 5A and 5B – and two sixth grade classes – 6A and 6B. Each class is then split up. I teach one half of a class one week and then the other half the next (so 5A-1 one week and 5A-2 the next week, same with sixth grade). Because we split up the classes in this manner, I teach the same thing two weeks in a row – same lesson plan and all! I really enjoy splitting up the classes – I have groups of fifteen or less students at a time.

The nightlife of this city is still relatively entertaining. In general, I am not a partier (I don’t like alcohol, nightlife stresses me out, drunk people annoy me, etc.), but I am giving it a shot. All has been alright except for the fact that 1) I hate the night bus 2) I dislike getting in late and 3) I was vomited on by a drunken man during last weekend’s microbrew beer festival.

You cannot see the vomit, but please believe that it is there. 

Pretending to enjoy myself in a club.

In regards to getting around, I still find the transportation here to be amazing. I can get to places in my sleep (okay, with a map). The only time transportation gets “difficult” is when the drivers make announcements concerning problems with a tram/bus/etc. I have encountered these “announcements” three times in the past week. In general, I just do what the people do. So far it has worked… so far.

Life is good. Life is interesting. All is well. All is right.

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Avoid drunk people at all costs.

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