Finished. Yes, finished. With what, you ask? Everything. Let me elaborate: In addition to having Hungarian health insurance and a residence permit, I now have a Hungarian bank account and tax number! I should get paid in about a week or so. The process was very long (I have been here since August 20th or so), but luckily I barely did any of the work – just a few John Hancock(s) here and there – just my style. 

Way too excited to have a Hungarian bank account.

On Saturday, Hajni took a group of teachers around Budapest to talk about the sites. I like to call it the “tourist trap trip” (such a fan of alliteration), but the name did not really catch on. Hajni, a native of Hungary, also majored in History. Here are some pictures from the city in which I call my home. Oh! And before you look at the pictures, October 6th (also my older sister’s birthday!) is a national holiday honoring the 13 martyrs of Arad. Look it up. There was a ceremony at my school on Friday that I had no idea about until I heard what sounded like angels singing through the loudspeakers (a recording of the Hungarian National Anthem). I was teaching my wonderful 5A class at the time, and all of the students immediately asked me to open the door. After doing so, they all stood and remained silent throughout the whole anthem. I, as any clever (and confused) teacher should, made the 13 martyrs of Arad into an oral presentation. Okay, here are the pictures:

Heroes’ Square – Changing of the guard.IV. Béla (1206 – 1270) – the “second founder” of Hungary.

Hajni, the European director of the Central European Teaching Program.

The Danube.

Two weeks ago my washer machine broke. I have been hand washing my clothes ever since. The machine should be fixed this week. Let’s hope so – my delicate hands cannot handle the pressure.

My clothes are far from clean, of that I am sure.

Lastly, I just realized that I have not posted any pictures of my flat. Here is a teaser.

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Save money before moving abroad.

2 responses to “Official

  1. 1) By the photos of jesse cringing in a jacket.. that helps me know what I need to pack I think..
    2) Oral presentation: kudos hahaha.
    3) That picture of Hajni posing with the statue.. it looks like the grim reaper.
    4) Your washer machine better be fixed by the time I get there.

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