I am “one year older” since my last post just six days ago – that’s right, I turned 24 yesterday. Now with another year of wisdom under my belt, I am sure that there will be significant changes in my writing style, perspective, and… wait, of course not.

A couple of days ago, Megan, Jesse, and I decided to “get lost” again in the city. Of course we were not really lost (we are now familiar with several places in central Budapest), but we allowed ourselves to roam freely without a set destination. Remember this “idea” of “lost” for a later paragraph… Anyways, we ate gelato while our hands froze from the cold, listened to a techno-jazz performance, and tipped an incredible bongo player in the metro. The city at night is beautiful – unfortunately I captured it with my inexpensive compact camera.

Liberty Bridge.

Speaking of school, everything is still going really well. Not only am I an angol tanár (English teacher), I am a magyar diák (Hungarian student). A couple of my students have taken it upon themselves to “officially” teach me Hungarian – they even give me házi feladat (homework)! I learn something new every single day. They are really impressed with my desire/ability to learn, but I am actually learning a lot more than just words from them – I am learning how to be a better teacher as well.

I accidentally left my homework at home… Needless to say, I got in trouble.

Lastly – my birthday. For those who know me, you know that I get weird (so weird) on my birthday – I get, in my own way, depressed. I like to sit, alone, and contemplate my past year and assess where I am and where I am going. Last year I only saw one person – one of my best friends, Laura – and we ate at a pizza place. I really do not care for “the night life” and I have been itching to get out of Budapest (although I know I am about to go to Békéscsaba, Vienna, Venice, Rome, and possibly Pompeii in the next two weeks), so I decided to go hiking! I used the strange sense of obligation people feel for a person on his/her birthday to “make” people go hiking with me. The hiking group consisted of me, Jesse, Megan, and Catherine. We started out in Dobogókő – also known as the heart chakra of the Earth – and thought we were going north to Dömös… but ended up going south to Pilisszentkereszt. All we could do is laugh about the whole situation – we literally walked in a large circle. Here are some pictures:

Another CETP teacher, also named Jen, baked me the MOST DELICIOUS cranberry bread ever!

Red – where we started. Yellow – where we thought we were going. Black – where we ended up going…

I feel good about my 24th year.

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Actually look at the map. Read the map. Learn the map. Live the map.

6 responses to “Birth

  1. I am so glad you had a nice birthday. You do get weird, so that is an area of concern. I thought about you a lot and also spent the day in nature in the USA. Hope I can visit you in Hungary one day. I’m so glad your fellow teachers love you, and I love your quote… I hope it never ends. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry every sentence began with I except the one that should have started with I and the one that began with you.

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