Vienna & Bratislava

After a few months in Hungary, I have finally left its border.

My older sister, Maricel, has been with me in Europe since October 18th – she actually just left today. Since her visit, we have been to: 1) Békéscsaba, Hungary 2) Szentendre, Hungary 3) Bratislava, Slovakia 4) Vienna, Austria 5) Venice, Italy 6) Rome, Italy 7) Naples, Italy 8) Pompeii, Italy 9) Vatican City and of course, 10) Budapest, Hungary. Actually sitting down to write this entry is strange – I feel as if I should still be on the move.

I will focus on Budapest, Szentendre, Bratislava, and Vienna now.

Budapest. My home. Jesse and I proudly showed Cel (Maricel’s nickname) around our city. Showing someone the city I have become so familiar with allowed me to see things with brand new eyes. I am still in love.

At Buda Castle. 

Castle Garden + Danube River.


Szentendre. Leaving the city was nice for a change. The colors of buildings here delight me.

Injured. Bruised. Happy.

Bratislava. Cel and I then spent one weekend roaming around Bratislava and Vienna. Cel’s friend Jana, whom she met during a study abroad program in Norway, is from Bratislava. Jana took us around and was a magnificent tour guide (Jana, if you’re reading this – seriously, you were good). Bratislava was so adorable/charming to me. I made a small goal for myself to go to every city/town/province that my favorite band, Beirut, sings about – you guessed it, Bratislava is on the list! Dreams do come true. 

“Paparazzi” Statue.

 Another statue. Interesting, really.


Church of St. Elisabeth – “The Blue Church”


I could crawl home, right?

Vienna. The first word that comes to mind: FLASHY. The palaces/buildings were, do not get me wrong, amazing, but there was nothing humble about the architecture. I did not get many quality photographs in Vienna – most of the time a thick, stubborn fog surrounded us. After staying in Vienna for 24 hours, I realized even more how pleasant Hungarian sounds to my ears.A good sign, I suppose.

I found an H&M on this street. Priorities, people. Priorities. 

St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Upper Belvedere 

Lastly, let me make a small “Miss Jennifer” reference – my school had a Halloween party one Saturday. MY CHILDREN WERE SO ADORABLE IN THEIR COSTUMES. I love them.

Cat with sword? Giant Panda. Black Cat. 

 Up next? Italy. Start preparing yourself now.

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Do not wear a silky dress and try to carry a backpack. You dress will only ride up and you will make friends in the worst way.

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