If you know me at all, you know that I am not one for holidays. Whatever the case may be, I (dare I say it) enjoyed myself at two Thanksgiving dinners. Having a full, delicious meal set in front of me had nothing to do with my happiness at all…

The first dinner was with about twenty or so other CETP (Central European Teaching Program – the program that got me a position at the school I currently work at) teachers. We had fun, bonded over American things, drank wine, smoked cigars, etc. The dinner party was at another teacher’s flat (Cindy). Her flat is on Buda side, on the Danube, and faces the Parliament building – the view was phenomenal. I live in the outskirts of the city, so sometimes I forget that people actually live in the heart.

DSC_2075-001Me, Sam, and Bre. 

485075_10151334668040955_138667923_nThe whole group. What a bunch of Americans.  (Stolen Picture – Thanks, Sophia)

The second dinner was with my future roommate, Catherine, and her boyfriend/friends. Oh. I forgot to mention: Jesse is leaving for China. My friend and co-worker Catherine will be moving in with me when he leaves. The food was super delicious – I cannot wait for her to cook for me (wishful thinking, of course).

Being a teacher here is still really amazing. My school is basically forcing me to take a five day “weekend” this week. I do not want to since I don’t have any plans, but seriously they are forcing me to… Let me just mention the weather? Snow. Highs? Low 30s. Lows? Low 20s. Wind? 15 mph. Awesome. Might I also mention that the sun sets here at 16:00 (that is 4PM)?!

IMG_1842Thanks for the support, guys.

One continuing saga in my life is my misplacement of important things. I have recently lost both my debit card and cell phone. I lost my debit card walking the fifty feet from the grocery store to my flat. Then I lost my cell phone while picking up my new debit card. My life is art. This bad habit of mine is going to cost me a total of 15,000-20,000Ft. Cool.

Lastly, Budapest is preparing for the next holiday. Joy…



I have to plan a new adventure soon. No school = no life.

A lesson from Miss Jennifer: Make friends with good cooks.

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  1. Jen Jen… Bryce and I are dining and wondering how you are. Glad your post was so informative. I very much liked it.

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