Cat Café

Throughout my time here in Hungary, I have debated whether or not to adopt a cat. In all honesty, I even battled with the desire to purchase a rat. Back to the topic of cats, I eventually decided to forgo my desire for feline companionship. Due to my unclear future, I realized that my plans may not allow for a full-time furry friend. After many moons of “eye sweat,” I finally visited Budapest’s Cat Café with two friends, Camille and Kayla. At this café, sweet kitty cats roam free while you enjoy confectionery goods. Being a major tea fan, I opted for an iced Earl Grey.




The Cat Café is a great place for those who cannot have pets (due to jobs, flat rules, etc.) to enjoy the company of cats. The cats were adorable. Some cats (being the cats they are), cared little about my desperate attempts to have them come to me. Others though were ready and willing to be loved – thank goodness for my sake. I picked the best outfit to frolic with the cats… a picture will explain why later. I can only imagine a world with a Dog Café. Or maybe a Panda Café. Or better yet: A WOLF CAFÉ.





After leaving the café, Camille, Kayla, and I walked into a vintage store near Deák Ferenc tér called Retrock. Back in the United States, one of my favorite hobbies was to shop at cool, vintage (and I must confess somewhat pretentious) stores in downtown Savannah like Civvies, The Clothing Warehouse, etc. I am an avid follower of a popular street fashion blog, The Sartorialist, and just love fashion in general. Beside Retrock is a used item store (think a cross between a flea market and a thrift shop) called Bolhapalota (translation: Flea Palace). Items in that store range from awesome to complete and utter confusion.


DSC_6698Beautiful outfit.

DSC_6699I NEED THIS PURSE. Anything with an Old/Antique World Map = must be mine.


Walking on, we made our way to Erzsébetváros, the 7th district in Budapest. This district is best known as the “Jewish Quarter.” This particular area is one of my favorites – there are so many hidden gems! I have mentioned Szimpla before, but for new readers it is one of the oldest ruin pubs in Budapest. The décor is, to me, randomly perfect.

DSC_6720Kazinczy Street Orthodox Synagogue

DSC_6747Tombstones at the Dohány Street Synagogue.

DSC_6726Just a car in a bar. 

DSC_6727Women’s bathroom door. Welcoming.

In addition to going to Szimpla, we went a wonderful book store called Massolit Books & Café. This book store + café is the epitome of everything good. A new friend, Tyler (and an old friend Sam), led me to this delight not too long ago. I fell head over heels in love. Growing up, my family always had shelves and shelves of books. The source of my random knowledge about most everything stems from the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed reading from the Encyclopedia set we owned. Here at Massolit Books & Café, books are plentiful, the atmosphere is quiet and calm, and the smell of knowledge just permeates the air.

DSC_6730Breathe it all in. Just breathe. 

DSC_6733Coming back in from the secret garden.

Tomorrow is St. Stephen’s Day – Budapest, show me how you celebrate! I am ready (I think). In addition, I celebrate my one year anniversary of being in Budapest in two days. I’ll probably spend it alone in the forest – my life is good. And no, I am not being sarcastic for once.

DSC_6613Take notes, cat lovers. Long skirts. 

A Lesson From Miss Jennifer: Bathe in tuna before going to a Cat Café.

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    • I cannot speak for every cat, but as far as I know most of them (if not all) come from shelters. This café is, for sure, partnered with a local animal shelter. There are also cats there that you can adopt. So all-in-all, super great!

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