A Hungarian Autumn

I am surrounded. Warm colors swirl above and below. Autumn has arrived.

For as long as I can remember, autumn has been my favorite season. Even prior to the societal obsession of “all things fall” (i.e. anything pumpkin flavored and tall leather brown boots), autumn elicited pure and unadulterated joy. Autumn has an abundance of my favorite element – wind. As a young girl I would stand in my front yard and pretend that I could control it. Nature’s imminent death billowing around me makes me feel more alive.

Last Saturday a friend and fellow Central European Teaching Program teacher, Jolan, and I participated in Budapest Design Week. Started eleven years ago, this program attracts tens of thousands of people interested in design.  The slogan for this year’s Budapest Design Week was “Figurative Sense” (Átvitt Értelem) and the theme centered around the relationship between technology and design. Judit Osvárt, the project leader, writes: “Technology, however, is still unable to replace that single most important thing that outshines all: human creativity. Budapest Design Week is a 10-day celebration of our irreplaceable ability and knowledge – in the form of exhibitions, workshops, talks, book launches, walks, unique delicacies and many other events.” Jolan and I went to a few design shops and reveled in just this – human creativity.




I have professed my love for graveyards more than once. Besides trying to find my way onto a boat, another mission I try to complete when travelling is ending up [alive] in an old cemetery. Last November I went to Kerepesi  Cemetery (Kerepesi temető) for All Saints’ Day. I had been longing to visit it again, so I went with my friend Carlyn. An old graveyard in the fall is one of the most beautiful things in my eyes. To avoid reiterating myself, click [here] to read my post about my first trip to the Kerepesi Cemetery. You will find much better pictures in that post as well.




IMG_1747The Mausoleum of Kossuth Lajos.



With the exception of my current exhaustion (I am staring at this computer screen through slits), all has been well. I turn 26 on Tuesday, am going to Belgium and the Netherlands in three weeks, and have raised 74% of my requested amount for a new laptop. The generosity of some people astounds me. I cannot wait to be able to upload quality pictures again! My wonderful older sister, Maricel (my younger sister, Amira, is wonderful as well), recently sent me her old iPhone 4s. My iPod Touch was stolen in February and it has been an interesting experience without it. You can find me on Instagram at @helloitisjen. My eyes are now almost completely shut. Goodnight.


A Lesson From Miss Jennifer: Leaves sometimes cover dog poop. Use caution.

6 responses to “A Hungarian Autumn

  1. The leaves are just starting to turn around here too, and it makes me so happy!! In Canada, autumn is like 2 weeks and then it’s winter for 6 months, but here, we get a real glorious autumn with slowly changing leaves!! Enjoy (but not the dog poop). Hahahaha 🙂

      • Haha, I’ll never be able to do 6 month winter again! Hmm, it depends what part of Canada, I guess. The west gets sun, but it’s so damn cold, it almost doesn’t matter. -30 is not okay under any circumstances. 😉 I remember Toronto being not as cold, but kinda grey. Not sure which is worse. No, I’m definitely happier with the 3 month Korean winters, despite the Siberian winds…

  2. The weather is slowly changing here and we’re getting more rain. I’m still trying to hold on to the last of summer but I think the seasons are getting the best of me. Going to spend the coming months hibernating until it’s sunny and warm again,

    • I love rain during the summer time, but during fall/winter… no. One of my friends and I are considering getting “happy lights.” Lack of daylight affects me more than I would have imagined. I love cold weather, but I wish Hungary had cold weather + sunlight. Woe is me!

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