A Korean Wedding

Or rather: A Wedding in Korea. Last Saturday I attended the wedding of one of my coworkers, Scott. Scott is an American guy who married a Korean gal. To my knowledge I have attended at least fifteen weddings, been in the bridal party for two, and photographed one. I caught the bouquet (to clarify: it was thrown in my face) at one of them, but am still rocking the “forever alone” lifestyle. I would love to go to a traditional Korean wedding, so if you are out there about to have one and want me to crash the party, let me know. Oh, and I took all my photos with my iPhone. I was too lazy to lug my DSLR around.

A lot of weddings are held in wedding halls. Several ceremonies take place in the building during the course of the day and each couple has an allotted time frame to use the space. The place where Scott and Alice got married was absolutely gorgeous! The idea of “wedding halls” was strange to me at first, but it totally makes sense. I attended the wedding with ten of my coworkers, which was really nice as we had each other to hang out with.



As I have previously mentioned, I have been in two weddings. One of which was for two of my best friends – Brittany and Chris. Whereas they had sixteen people in their wedding, wedding parties are relatively nonexistent in Korea. Another practice that does not really occur is gift registry. Instead of browsing around, you simply hand over an envelope stacked with cash and receive a meal ticket. With this meal ticket, you can enter the buffet area and feast like the kings and queens we all are. You will also gorge yourself with guests from other weddings happening in the same hall. Classic wedding disasters (drunk guests using columns as stripper poles) simply do not exist.


My coworkers and I arrived at 10:30AM and left around 1:00PM. From my experience, weddings usually end with “Now you may kiss the bride.” In this case, they were pronounced husband and wife (and kissed) early in the ceremony, but still had to wait around to leave. The official conducted the ceremony in both Korean and English, as there were a grand total of ten people in the whole hall who needed the English translation. At one point the man asked, “What is love?” to which my coworker Conor properly replied “Baby, don’t hurt me.” Two of my friends and I made a YouTube video back in 2006 to that song and racked up 800 or so hits. For 2006, that was pretty impressive. It was no “Mortal Kombat” by Smosh, but close enough.


Had rambutan for the first time ever! 

I had a good time at the wedding and was invited to the wedding of one of my Korean coworkers, Christine, but will not be able to attend. As sad as that is, I have a good reason. One of my best friends from college, Emily, is coming to visit! I am not too thrilled with her 6:30AM arrival time, but I will take it.

In other news, I was openly pointed at and talked about by some fellow Americans while walking around Myeongdong the other day. Two girls pointed at me and said something along the lines of: “Oh, look at her outfit! So cute! I wish I could pull it off. Oo, look at her hair too!” I am not sharing this story to show off (although I did look cool), but to point out one of my pet peeves. I dislike it when people talk about others with the assumption that they don’t speak/understand English. Maybe I am assuming that they assumed that I did not understand (maybe they were that bold/wanted me to know I was killin’ it), but I have lived abroad long enough to witness people doing that too many times. Fortunately for me, they said something nice. I have, however, been around people who have yelled out idiotic things about Hungarians in the presence of Hungarians. I would rather travel alone than surround myself with people of that nature.


Black is my obvious color of choice / Cheese-filled rice cake. 

Speaking of travel, I am going to Vietnam for the winter holiday! My dear friend, Emily, lives and works there now. Emily has made several appearances in this blog, as she lived in Hungary from 2013-2014. She accompanied me to both Croatia and Sziget Festival. I am really excited!

I turn 27 this week. My Korean boyfriend, Cho Kyuhyun, released a teaser for his new music video last night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. In addition, I might go to Everland with one of my coworkers this weekend. Hoping for the best!


He is such a beautiful human being.


iPhone wallpapers for days.

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  1. Loved reading this. Next time someone talks about you thinking you don’t understand them, you should walk over and speak to them. That is assuming they are saying nice things like these girls were. You go girl!

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