Meeting Kyuhyun of Super Junior

Last year, I cried at a One Direction concert. I might have recently shed a tear after meeting Cho Kyuhyun. I will neither admit nor deny it.

Kyuhyun is currently performing in a musical named Werther (베르테르). I wrote a blog post about how I tried to see him in November, but accidentally bought a ticket for a performance he was not in. Instead of going down without a fight, I bought another ticket. Money – I must have a lot of it.


I showed up early yet again to take, as one would guess, creepy pictures with posters of him. I bought a program, which contained photographs of the musical. I then grabbed a pair of binoculars and sat in my seat, which was in the first row of the second floor – smack dab in the center. I was ready.



The musical was fantastic. He honestly has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard in my life. The production level of the whole thing was amazing. When it ended, I knew what it was time for me to do. I ran to return my binoculars, get my A.R.C. (Alien Registration Card) card, and find where Kyuhyun would walk past and receive his fans.

I followed people who looked demented and found the location. It was here that we all waited for roughly forty-five minutes for Kyu. Because I had to return my binoculars, I did not get in the front of the line. Although I was sad at first, it proved beneficial in the end. The cast and special audience members passed by, with Ryeowook from Super Junior being one of them. No one expected him, so we could not process that it was truly him. I gasped his name and then everyone around me freaked out.


Ryeowook in the center.

I was holding two cameras (my compact camera and my iPhone) and tried to get a glimpse of Kyu. Due to the fact that I was in the back, I was closer to the staircase that he was to take to get to his car.



Once he passed us, everyone started rushing behind him. I have always had the frightening ability to move past people during concerts or in crowded areas in general. I have touched the lead singers of Dashboard Confessional, The Fray (I full-out rubbed his bald head), and Cartel. I also bumped into Corbin Bleu from High School Musical. It happens sometimes. Have no fear though, I did not touch Kyuhyun.



After ducking, dodging, jumping, and weaving, I ended up right beside him. Everyone was screaming at him in Korean (“Saranghae, Oppa!”), but he kept his eyes forward. I knew that I had to speak in English to throw him off. I, with little to no confidence, said, “You were great, Kyuhyun!” (I embarrassingly threw in a “Woo!” because I second-guessed myself). I really was not expecting him to acknowledge my presence, BUT HE DID. He looked me in the eye and said “Really?” in Korean. Everyone around me started screaming because I clearly won in this game of “PLEASE LOOK AT ME.” We waved goodbye as his car drove off. I walked outside then noticed that I was shaking. I kept it together until I was out of sight. Stay cool, Jen. Stay cool.



Even if you aren’t a fan of Kyuhyun, I recommend seeing him perform. The man has got a fantastic voice.

In other news, I am going to go to Japan next month! Finally.

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