Failed Musical Attempt

I spent ₩92,000 ($79.77) to see one of my favorite Korean celebrities in a musical… and guess what? He wasn’t even there – hahahahah. UPDATE THOUGH – HE SPOKE TO ME. [CLICK HERE] He is a human just like the rest of us, but I still thought it was cool.

werther3I know my MS Paint skills are incredible, but this did not actually happen.

Cho Kyuhyun (조규현) is a member of one of Korea’s most successful groups – Super Junior. They aren’t as popular in Korea anymore, but are still well-received in other parts of the world. Kyuhyun has been successful outside of the group. He is currently an MC on “Radio Star,” has released two solo albums, been in seven musicals, etc. I tried to buy a ticket to see him perform, but trying to get a ticket to anything here is almost impossible.

werther15Monica got me his album for my birthday. 

I knew that Kyuhyun was going to be in Werther (베르테르), but did not even bother trying to get a ticket. With the encouragement of a friend who has gone to more musicals in Korea than she can probably count, I went for it AND CAME OUT VICTORIOUS. Since I work from around 11AM – 7:30PM, I am not able to go to any shows during the day. I found one on a Saturday at 3PM, which was perfect. There were only a few seats left, so I thought I got ridiculously lucky.

After taking a few photos, I found my seat. The show began a little while later and, within a few minutes, the realization that I wouldn’t see Kyu started to creep up on me.

werther13Left to Right: Um Ki-joon, Cho Seung-woo, Cho Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun was cast as one of the main leads – the two other men are Cho Seung-woo (조승우) and Um Ki-joon (엄기준). I thought they all performed during the course of the musical. Oh, how mistaken I was. I had a bad feeling when I did not see him in the beginning, but continued to hold out hope (maybe he played the younger Werther or something?). During the intermission, I ran to rent binoculars and searched things on Safari like “Werther – where is Kyuhyun?” I could not find anything that would give me any hints. Finally the second act started and I knew in my heart and soul that he wasn’t going to show up. Although I was annoyed, I just started laughing. My luck.


At the end of the performance, I turned to the girl I was sitting next to and asked, “Where was Kyuhyun?” She looked so sad for me and replied, “Oh no. Not today.” I had no idea that the three male leads took turns.

SINCE I DO NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT, I did what any financially responsible person would do – I bought a ticket to see Werther again. This time I am positive (okay, maybe) that he will be there. Although I am spending ₩186,500 ($161.71) to see Kyuhyun, it is a lot less than how much I spent to see One Direction in Vienna. At least the musical is in Seoul, right?

Lastly, since you are all impressed with my MS Paint skills, here is one more:

dinnerDinner with coworkers.

6 responses to “Failed Musical Attempt

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    • aaaaaahahahahahhahahah thank you. I am going to see another one of my favorite kpop bands, GOT7, in a week. It’s all too real…

    • As it has been three years, I do not remember well. I am pretty sure it was Cho-Seung Woo, but don’t quote me on it. haha.

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